Good Quality : 2015 Marques De Riscal Próximo, Rioja

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Tonight I’m drinking a really solid wine that comes with a great value recommendation.

It’s the Proximo Rioja from Marques de Riscal in the Rioja Wine Region in Spain, and made from Tempranillo grapes.

It’s nose is really complex and had me blissing out on the nose for some time before I took my first sip.

The palate is smooth and gentle, and makes it a great summer red, not unlike a Pinot Noir. The palate was less complex than the nose, but it’s a very enjoyable light red!


I bought it at BWS for $AUD 15, but it can be bought for $AUD 10.99 at Dan Murphy’s.

That is excellent buying!

Wine Experience 85/100
Value : 95/100

Ura P Auckland
Lover of Great Wines
Entrepreneur & Mentor
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Image Attributions:

  1. Marques De Riscal Próxima Rioja Bottle & Glass – Photo by Ura P Auckland 2018-10-14

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