Good Quality : 2015 Penfolds Max’s Cabernet Sauvignon, South Australian Blend

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I don’t often reach for a Penfolds Wine. I do love a Bin 389 or a 407 but they are at a price point that I rarely spend at ($AUD 100 at BWS)

I’ve had the infamous Penfolds Grange Hermitage three times in my life, but to be honest I am yet to be more impressed by it than wines 10% of its cost. For an investment of usually $AUD 700 it’s in the stratosphere, and to be frank I prefer the Bin 389.

I am a far bigger fan of Australia’s other Infamous wine the ‘Henschke Hill of Grace’ which I’ve had a similar number of occasions and been in raptures every time.

As I shared a few days ago, I am exploring my biases and challenging them. I love a really nice Cabernet Sauvignon, they can be complex, rich and beautiful.

My local BWS had a deal on two bottles of 2015 Penfolds Max’s Cabernet Sauvignon for $AUD 50 ($AUD 25 each) instead of $AUD 38 for one.


This wine is a celebration of the life of Max Schubert the wine maker responsible for Grange Hermitage.

Well the nose was strong on pepper, mostly nicely, though there was one sniff that did quite take me aback.

The palate was smooth, rich and syrupy. A winter wine for sure, warming, and one to enjoy with rich foods.

I am sure Max Schubert was a great man, and I acknowledge that the Grange Hermitage has its reputation for a reason.

The wine they’ve named after him I found disappointing for the money. It lacked complexity and for me it wasn’t worth the $AUD 25 I paid in a 2 for $AUD 50, let alone the $AUD 38 I would have paid for a single bottle.

Perhaps I’m just not a fan of the style of wine Max pioneered, its too big, too cloying for me.

Wine Experience : 85 / 100
Value : 65 / 100

Ura P Auckland
Lover of Great Wines
Entrepreneur & Mentor
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Image Attributions:

  1.  Penfolds Max’s Cabernet Sauvignon on Shelf – Photo by Ura P Auckland, 2018-11-04
  2. Penfolds Max’s Cabernet Sauvignon undressing – Photo by Ura P Auckland, 2018-11-04
  3. Penfolds Max’s Cabernet Sauvignon and Glass – Photo by Ura P Auckland 2018-11-04

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