Not Recommended : 2016 Borgo San Leo, Chianti, Sicily

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Tonight’s wine is not a recommendation.

PJ and I went grocery shopping, and were near a BWS, and in a hurry and so I grabbed one bottle of 2016 Borgo SanLeo Chianti.

I could have grabbed three for $AUD 30, but I paid $AUD 14 for my one bottle. I’ll rate it for value on it’s deal price.

I love a good Chianti, and I find more good ones than bad. The label is vague about the grapes and the blend percentages. It hints that it includes Sangiovese, which is one of my favourite grapes when well done.

This one is a very light style, very soft, and smooth. If red wines tend to be too strong for you this might be a good one to try.

For me it is too light, and perhaps after two nights on a BIG Cab Sauv from Penfolds I am sensing the contrast.

For me, again I love complexity, good flavours, a complex nose, and an experience that leaves me feeling the experience grabbed me from my first sip and left me wanting moreafter my last.

This wine wasn’t that. I wouldn’t buy it again for me, but if you don’t consider yourself a red drinker, and would like to try a red much lighter than most, this one is a cheap entry point for an experiment at the three bottle deal.

On the upside as an Italian Wine it came with a cork and I got to use my Grandfather’s beautiful 150 year old CJ Johnston Adelaide Corkscrew, that rarely comes out nowdays in a world of Stelvin Screw Top Enclosures. It is such a beautiful thing to use, and ridiculouly cheap as a memorable antique, that can be found on EBay. But make sure you look for a screw like mine where the screw is not round, but like a blade in a strange flat configuration. I have never seen this corkscrew butcher a cork.


Wine Experience : 60/100
Value : 60/100

Ura P Auckland
Lover of Great Wines
Entrepreneur & Mentor
Benefactor of Dreams

Image Attributions:

  1. Borgo SanLeo Chianti and Glass – Photo by Ura P Auckland 2018-11-05
  2. Borgo SanLeo Chianti and CJ Johnston Adelaide Corkscrew – Photo by Ura P Auckland 2018-11-05

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