Worth a Try : 2016 Jacob’s Creek, Double Barrel Shiraz Cabernet, Limestone Coast

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Last night I sought to explore another one of my biases.

I’ve been a frequent flyer for most of my Adult Life to one degree or another. I spent a lot of time on Qantas Flights to the US in the era when Jacobs Creek was positioning itself as ‘Australia’s Top Drop’ using in-flight advertising, and at that time as a wine loving Australian I was embarrassed for the wine makers of our country, because at that time Jacob’s Creek was most assuredly not Australia’s top drop.

In the years since they have taken the span of the brand from the Value Segment under $10 across the $10 to $15 Popular Premium Segment, and the $15 to $20 Premium Segment.

So I’ve been ignoring the brand for about the last 20 years, but my interest has in recent times been piqued by their Double Barrel range, and on my last trip to Dan Murphy’s it had a staff recommendation.


Their Double Barrel wines are aged in Oak Barrels as a wine normally is, but then are finished with a few weeks in Whisky Barrels.

I tried the 2016 Shiraz Cabernet blend which comes from the Limestone Coast (near Coonawarra).

It was an interesting experience, and the whiskey flavours were quite present, and especially in the finish lingering in the mouth. I enjoyed the overall experience, not to the point of raving about it, but the whiskey barrels created a second layer to the palate that worked. I will say though that it felt a little too engineered, and to my palate it felt like the wine underneath the whiskey flavours was lacking roundness. I was hoping the effect might be a little more like a Red with a porty edge.


If you love whiskey you might very well love the experience. For me though I probably wouldn’t buy it again, but I’m glad I had the experience.

For $18.80 a single bottle it’s up against some great wines in the Premium segment, and I’d rate it more like a $13 wine.

Wine Experience : 80/100
Value : 70/100

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