Not Recommended : 2012 Wynns, Cabernet Shiraz Merlot, Coonawarra

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Tonight’s wine was a disappointment to me.

I went down to Dan Murphy’s knowing I was out of stock of red wine’s to enjoy on a Friday Night.

I became interested in their Cellar Release section of Aged Wines. I’ve had some phenomenal aged wines over the years. As the photo shows, a lot of those on offer were in the $AUD 30 to $AUD 50 kind of price range, and that isn’t a price point I drink in except for special occasions.

However there were a couple that were in the low $AUD 20s range.

I ended up procuring a half dozen wines that might have been hopefuls for being a Great Wine, including two from the Cellar Release section.


One of the greatest wines I’ve ever had was a Wynns 1967 Coonawarra Hermitage that I bought in about 1983 from an actual Cellar in the bowels of a Hotel that no longer exists on Brisbane’s Southbank before it was bulldozed for World Expo 88. MY memory fails me on what they cost me, but it was incredibly cheap for a 16 year old wine, I bought quite a few and every one was an amazing experience. I remember drinking one of them with my first wife and some of our friends at the Restaurant Giardinetto in it’s back courtyard and being in awe of the beauty of this wine.

So I noticed that Dan Murphy’s had a 2012 Wynns Coonawarra Cabernet Shiraz Merlot for $25.99 with 6 years ageing, and nostalgia invited me to see if this one might be as good an example of maturation as my 1967 Hermitage.


It was $AUD 25.99, or $AUD 24.70 in any half dozen (which is how I procured it), so that places it in the Super Premium Category.

Well I brought it home, and I popped it in the fridge for a short while to chill it down to drinking temperature.


I can only say, that for me, it was a disappointment. The nose was a little interesting. The palate was smooth, which is something that age often brings, but it was like a singer singing a single note, and the note was not an inspiring one. There was no complexity, there was no magnificence. For this money I could have had the Nugan Cabernet Sauvignon from the same Coonawarra region that I had a few nights ago, and that was one of the best wines I’ve had in months, but at this price point, this wine was most assuredly not value, and not a Great Wine.

It wasn’t offensive, and as a smooth wine it went down OK. If I was looking for quaffing wine, and if it was $AUD 8.00 I’d be satisfied. But for $AUD 25.99 I was more than a little disappointed.

I am feeling like there are some Great Wines in the others I bought tonight. I look forward to finding a Great Wine or two among those to share with you.

Wine Experience : 75 / 100
Value : 40 / 100


Ura P Auckland
Lover of Great Wines
Entrepreneur & Mentor
Benefactor of Dreams

Image Attributions :

  1. Dan Murphy’s Cellar Release Section – Photo by Ura P Auckland 2018-11-16
  2. Wynns Cabernet Shiraz Merlot 2012 – Photo by Ura P Auckland 2018-11-16
  3. Wynns Cabernet Shiraz Merlot 2012 opened with glass – Photo by Ura P Auckland 2018-11-16


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