Great Wine : 2016 Dandelion Vineyards, Menagerie of the Barossa, Grenache Shiraz Mataro, Barossa Valley

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This is a wine that came to me via a Qantas Epicure deal where I paid $AUD 96.03 for half a dozen carefully selected Grenache’s and Grenache Blends.

So the average cost per bottle was $AUD 16.00.

There were some Grenaches and GSMs in this box that have great reputations. Some of them were very nice, but this is the first of five of them that has inspired me to write about it.

The flavours were big and fruity, and it had an element I love when I find a great GSM. It’s a phenomenon I describe as ‘dancing on the tongue’. It’s a tingling and and an aliveness that excites the palate.

This is a bottle that started well, and was still great drinking all the way to the last drop.

It’s available singly at Vintage Cellars for $AUD 25.99 and is good buying at that level.

It is for me a great wine, and if you can get it as part of a deal like I did is extraordinary value, at $AUD 25.99 it is still a good price for a great wine experience.

Wine Experience : 92 / 100
Value : 89 / 100 (as you would buy it)

Ura P Auckland

Lover of Great Wine
Entrepreneur and Mentor
Benefactor of Dreams

Image Attributions:

  1. Dandelion Vineyards Menagerie of the Barossa – Photo by Ura P Auckland 2018-11-23

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