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When I was growing up my Dad who was very influential in creating my love of Great Wine was a huge fan of the infamous Vintner Len Evans, an icon in the Australian Wine Industry. Len had been a founder of the Rothbury Estate in the Hunter Valley, and I remember visiting the Hunter with my parents, and more particularly having Rothbury Wines on our dinner table many nights in a week.

I was allowed a very small glass of wine as a young teenager, for the experience of the grape, the nose, the palate, and the combination with the food we were eating, much like children in Italy are accorded the right to a small glass of wine.

I have a vivid memory of one the the Rothbury wines, the QDR or Quaffing Dry Red. It was one my dad loved, and which seemed quite reasonable to me at the time, though the tangible memory of the wine experience has faded into time.

Well the idea of the Quaffing Dry Red, was a wine of solid quality that tasted good, went down with ease and grace, and was good value.

On the Christmas theme, and again in service to my readers I felt I should road test a couple of sparkling red wines in the days leading up to Christmas. This is an under-appreciated genre, and especially in warm climates and in celebratory times of year in the summer season.


There are few wines more refreshing and invigorating than a good sparkling red.

One of the top selling brands in the Sparkling Red space is Andrew Garrett’s. He has multiple offerings, and the one I tried tonight was the Sparkling Red equivalent to my Dad’s QDR. It’s a great quaffer. It’s doesn’t meet my definition of a truly great wine, but it’s really very decent, it’s consistent, and it is such a fun wine to drink with big fruity flavours, that goes down with no sharp edges.

In the lead up to Christmas I bought this non-vintage (a blend of grapes of multiple seasons) Sparkling Shiraz of no defined wine growing region at Dan Murphys for $AUD 10.90 for a single bottle, or as part of a half dozen of any wines at $AUD 10.40, placing it in the Popular Premium segment.


Before Christmas Day comes I commit to you that I will seek out one of my old favourites to review, the Hollick Sparking Merlot which historically has been a truly Great Wine, and I’ll get my review up in good time for you to go get some if it’s as good as it used to be. In the mean time, if you have an army of people coming to your place on Christmas Day, or in the Pre-Christmas Celebrations the Andrew Garrett NV Sparkling Shiraz is a darn good quaffer as my Dad and Len Evans would have said.

If you like Red Wine, and if you haven’t had sparkling reds before, which I suspect is a large proportion of Red Wine Drinkers, it’s time to expand your horizons.

Give Andrew Garrettt’s NV Sparkling Shiraz a go, or if you don’t like quaffers, don’t wait for my review on the Hollick Sparkling Merlot, and just go get some. It’s about $AUD 22.00.

Here’s my rating on Andrew Garrett’s NV Sparkling Shiraz, it has a place in your fridge in the summer holiday season.

Wine Experience : 85 / 100
Value : 90 / 100

Ura P Auckland

Lover of Great Wine
Entrepreneur and Mentor
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  1. Andrew Garret NV Sparkling Shiraz on floor at DM – By Ura P Auckland 2018-12-11
  2. Andrew Garret NV Sparkling Shiraz bottle and glass – By Ura P Auckland 2018-12-13

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